Powering Precision Health Summit Founder and Chairman Kevin Hrusovsky to Fuel Precision Health Movement with Keynote Address


BOSTON & CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–([1])–Powering
Precision Health Summit 2017 (PPHS)
the nation’s first precision health summit designed to be the premiere
forum for world-leading researchers and clinicians, today announced that
PPHS Founder and Chairman, Kevin Hrusovsky, will kick off the event on
October 24th with an opening address titled, “The
Variables of Life Can Be Measured, Evaluated, and Acted Upon to
Transform ‘Sick Care’ to ‘HealthCare.’”

“The goal of PPHS is to advance the innovations that truly move the
needle in realizing the vision of precision health through rigorous
debate and collaboration,” said Hrusovsky. “Our mission is to inform and
inspire the incredible team of 500+ medical professionals and scientific
innovators of the vast potential for ultra-sensitive and precise
molecular measurements of life’s variables with the end goal of
eradicating some of today’s most lethal diseases. We believe
individuals, as well as the entire healthcare system, can be empowered
to take control of environmental factors triggering disease at a
personalized level in order to enable disease prevention and empower
early treatment intervention. We will present concrete advances in
neurology and brain health showing promise of detection in living humans
for concussions, CTE, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and
Parkinson’s, as well as in oncology for pancreatic, lung, breast, brain
and skin cancers.”

PPHS provides a forum for leading subject matter experts to unveil
breakthrough medical and scientific research and collaborate on
innovative diagnostics and treatments. With over 50 speakers, almost
1,000 years of collective experience, and over 6,300 scientific,
peer-reviewed studies published, the mindshare at PPHS is comprised of
the most qualified stakeholders, who have come together with the
specific goal of advancing a new frontier in medicine that spans the
entire continuum from health to disease. These world-renowned experts
will present the latest advances in research, unveiling new detection
technologies and treatments for today’s most devastating diseases,
including breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, ALS, diabetes, heart disease
and infectious disease.

“Can we diagnose pancreatic cancer six to nine months earlier, making it
more treatable? Can we replace the mammogram with a less invasive, more
precise blood test? Can we begin to measure the impact of contact sports
and military combat on brain health in real-time? Can we detect
Alzheimer’s five years before dementia and use today’s drugs to slow or
stop its progression?” asked Hrusovsky. “These are the types of
revolutionary questions that we’re looking to answer at this year’s
Summit, and we’ve assembled a phenomenal group of thought leaders to
help us do so. This is just one of the things that makes the Powering
Precision Health movement so unique.”

In today’s world of medicine, we’re waiting for late-stage symptoms to
present before prescribing treatment. The ability to detect and
accurately measure disease risk is becoming increasingly important, as
external lifestyle factors influence disease development, with research
demonstrating that over 60 percent of factors linked to individual
health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle (World Health

“In just about every field of medicine, there are profound advances
occurring in ultra-early molecular detection and diagnosis, enabling a
sea of change from reactive ‘sick care’ to proactive ‘healthcare.’ This
Summit is a movement designed to make Precision Health a global priority
and to confront every boundary imaginable blocking the potential for
this emerging field to prosper,” continued Hrusovsky. “If we continue
making progress on the precision health initiative, I predict that by
2030, healthcare will cost 40% less, be 60% more accessible, and the
average citizen will live eight years longer and live a more productive

Hrusovsky’s opening presentation will also address the profound impact
that environmental factors play in determining the state of our health,
and how the ability to monitor critical biomarkers, less invasively, can
lead to a breakthrough in healthcare. He will describe how baseline
measurements of a person’s health are critical to improving the life and
longevity of the population.

For more information about Powering Precision Health 2017, please visit: www.pphsummit.com[3].
To register online and attend free of charge, please visit: https://goo.gl/z1LUhq[4].

About Powering Precision Health

Precision Health
[5] is the nation’s first summit dedicated to bringing
the world’s top physicians, scientists, innovators and patient advocates
together to collaborate on the latest research on new biomarkers that
are revolutionizing medicine. Founded by Kevin Hrusovsky, the acclaimed
thought leader and visionary in life sciences and personalized medicine,
PPHS is an executive think tank of researchers and clinicians working
together to transform healthcare. Addressing key therapeutic areas
including neurology, cardiology, oncology and infectious disease, PPHS
unveils groundbreaking approaches for the prevention, early detection
and diagnosis, and personalized treatment of disease. Join the movement
on social media using #PPHSUMMIT on Twitter @KevinHrusovsky[6]
and @PPHSUMMIT[7],
Facebook @PPHSUMMIT[8],
and LinkedIn[9].


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