Host a VIRTUAL Press Conference Using MaestroConference


MaestroConference’s innovative technology makes hosting a virtual press conference simple and easy. Our platform’s wide range of options[1] for inviting, managing and following up with the press provides your brand with the tools it needs to run an effective press conference at anytime, from anywhere. This is why numerous campaigns and advocacy organizations[2], such as Obama for America, Hillary for America, Bernie Sanders for President,, the Democratic National Committee, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, are already using MaestroConference to address the press.

INVITE individuals to your press conference using a web page and/or register them automatically. Here are a few invitation options:

  • Post the web page link on the group’s website and/or social media channels, thereby giving anyone who registers direct, easy access to the event info.

A detailed list of registrants is available to the host at any time so they can see who has signed up for the event. The host also has the ability to block unwelcome guests from dialing into the press conference. Note: An unlimited number of individuals may registerfor the event, but the number of callers who can actually attend is limited by the host’ssubscription plan[3]. If it looks like caller attendance will exceed the plan limit, hosts can simply upgrade their plan to accommodate the larger number of registrants.

MANAGE the press by controlling each individual caller’s microphone. This ability to control mics gives the conference host the flexibility to format the event to their specific needs. Starting with introductions and remarks, the primary speaker’s microphone is on and all other microphones are muted.

MaestroConference’s dynamic features provide a number of ways to hold an orderly Q&A session:

  • First, participants can indicate they have a question by virtually “raising their hand” and be called on in whatever order the host chooses.

The Q&A session is where the MaestroConference platform truly shines as an effective tool for powering press conferences. Our platform’s “whisper” function allows staff members, assistants or the PR team to speak directly to the respondent in private without being heard by the larger audience. This gives the team the unique ability to maintain a private, real time line of communication with the respondent so that, for example, while the respondent is answering a question, he/she could be “whisper” reminded of important talking points or facts to highlight.

FOLLOWING UP with attendees after the press conference is super simple because the platform automatically provides:

  • An audio recording of the entire event (video recording[4] is optional)

These lists of attendees and non-attendees can then be uploaded to the host’s CRM for followup via email.

MaestroConference’s unmatched level of interactivity is the next best thing to meeting in person, making large-scale, virtual events more engaging and impactful. Our platform’s wide range of options for inviting press, managing Q&A between the speaker and audience and following up with all registered guests after the event make it a uniquely powerful solution for hosting a successful press conference.

How can your organization leverage the power of virtual events for your press conference needs? Let’s find out[5].


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